Welcome to Kriska Siberians, a small TICA registered home cattery located in Northeast Ohio. Beautiful blue-eyed colorpoint Siberian cats and gorgeous traditional Siberians with long and soft flowing coats are our specialty. We breed for show/breeder quality kittens that are also ideal loving family pets. Our champion Russian pedigreed Siberians freely roam our house with our young children, and our Labrador Retrievers. They follow us all over from breakfast in the morning to putting the kids to bed at night. They seem to actually prefer the company of children, enjoy teasing the dogs, and constantly look for ways to get affection.

Hypoallergenic Fur

Siberians are one of a few select breeds of cat that are considered  hypoallergenic. It is theorized that Siberians have genetically lower levels than other cats of a protein called Fel d1 in their saliva that many humans are allergic to. For this reason, these cats are becoming especially popular with allergy sufferers. Please visit our Links page for further information on cats and allergies. Since some Siberians may not be hypoallergenic, you should always visit with a potential kitten or test hair samples from the parents before purchasing.

About the Breed

The Siberian breed is the native forest cat of Russia. Their medium length triple coat of fur, complete with a dense undercoat, helped them survive and thrive through the harsh winters in northern Russia. Siberians are a medium to large sized cat with round faces and powerful bodies. The colorpoint variety is thought to have originated near the Neva River in St. Petersburg, possibly from intermixing with other pointed breeds such as the Himalayan or Siamese. They were named the Neva Masquerade after the gorgeous points on their faces and limbs. Colorpoints are still somewhat rare in the United States. Click here for a link to the TICA Siberian breed standard.