About Us

Our family began researching and eventually brought home our first Siberians, sisters Annie and Millie, in the spring of 2008 with the intention of breeding them to just the right male. We immediately fell in love with them. Then Yaguar joined our family in the fall of 2008, imported directly from Moscow.  Businka and Milolika arrived from Moscow in the spring of 2010.  In the summer and fall of 2011, we welcomed three of our very own girls to our little group – Ponyo, Kartoshka and Lada. Our next arrival was our amazing male Zalcman from Ukraine who came home in the summer of 2012. Chelsea and Violet came from Chelyabinsk, Russia in the spring of 2015, and Annabelle came to us a few months later that summer.  Our own babies Konstantin, Petra, and Pumpkin joined us in 2016.  Sweet Domna traveled to us from Kaunas, Lithuania, and beautiful Baryshnya and handsome Alexander arrived from Ufa, Russia the same summer. We most recently welcomed our own baby girls Yllka Yams and Zena in the fall of 2017. 

Today, our three original cats, Annie, Millie, and Yaguar, as well as Businka, Ponyo, Milolika, Lada, and Kartoshka are all retired and living with loving families in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, and Massachusetts. We love all of our Siberians so much and they definitely return our affection. Our cattery and all of our Siberians are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). 

We currently have two Labrador Retrievers in addition to our Siberians. All of our pets are kept up to date on their vaccines. They are flea, ringworm, parasite, and FIV/FELV free and live indoors only. Our back porch is enclosed to keep our cats safely confined, yet still allows them to get lots of fresh air and direct sunshine anytime they choose by way of a kitty door. They seem to especially enjoy visiting on their porch in the winter, no matter how cold it is. All of our pets eat Science diet brand food as we have found them to be the most palatable and nutritiously balanced.

We breed for personality as well as breed confirmation. Our babies are handled and loved on from the day they are born. They are raised underfoot in our home. By the time they are ready to leave us, they are litter trained, weaned, and very accustomed to noise and activity in a busy household with our four kids.  Our Siberian babies love to play, cuddle, and snuggle and have amazing little purr motors. We believe Siberians are the most amazing cat breed and we are dedicated to raising the happiest Siberian kittens and cats around!