Y-Litter Arrives 7-15-20

Updated 9-11-20: Y-Litter kittens are adopted. Eowyn and Nazar welcomed their second litter together on Wednesday, July 15th early in the morning. There are two baby girls and two baby boys in this litter. Eowyn and her sister Arwen are raising their babies together and are such loving mothers. These babies are named after various…

X-Litter Arrives 7-14-20

Updated 9-25-20: X-Litter kittens are all adopted. Arwen and Nazar welcomed their first litter together on Tuesday, July 14th in the early morning. There are three girls and two boys in this litter. We have decided to name them after our favorite X-Files characters;  X is a difficult letter for naming lots of babies! 😉…

V-Litter Arrives 6-24-20

Updated 8/21/20 – Both V-litter babies are reserved. Violet and Zalcman welcomed a litter of two precious babies together late in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 24th. These sweet babies are gorgeous representations of their parents and will have amazing temperaments! These babies will be ready to go to their new homes later in August….

U-Litter Arrives 5-26-20

Updated 8/7/20:  U-Litter kittens are adopted. Gorgeous Annabelle and her equally handsome Alexander welcomed a beautiful traditional litter together on Tuesday morning, May 26th.  Since Annabelle’s labor started on Memorial Day, we decided to give these babies patriotic names in the “USA litter”.  Annabelle is a wonderful mother and loves her babies.  They are beautiful…

T-Litter Arrives 5-13-20

Updated 7/31/20: T-Litter kittens are adopted. Our beautiful Pandora and handsome Zalcman welcomed their third litter together on Wednesday, May 13th late in the afternoon. There are three boys and a girl in this litter. These babies are so cute and growing so quickly. We named them after one of our kids’ favorite movies Tangled….