J-Litter arrives 3/2/16

 J-Litter Kittens are all adopted

Announcing Kartoshka and Zalcman’s newest litter! Eight darling little kittens arrived late afternoon on Wednesday, March 2. There are two boys and six girls in this group. They are all beautiful and thriving, thanks to their wonderful mama, Kartoshka. The kittens will be able to go to their new homes between 8-12 weeks old, approximately early May.  If you are interested in adopting one of our babies, please contact us. There is a $400 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve your kitten.


Jelena (ye-LEH-nah ~ bright, shining light) – Female – seal torbie point/white  – ADOPTED – Ohio

Jenika (JAIN-ee-ka ~ God is gracious)- Female – seal point  – ADOPTED – Ohio

Jasha (YA-shah ~ supplanter) – Male – seal point/white –  ADOPTED – Ohio

Jada (JA-da ~ God knows) – Female – seal lynx point  – ADOPTED – Ohio

Julya (JOOL-ee-ya ~ youthful) – Female – seal point/white  – ADOPTED – Ohio

Juri (YOO-ree ~ farmer) – Male – seal lynx point – ADOPTED – Ohio

Jana (YAH-na ~ gift from God) – Female – seal lynx point –  ADOPTED – Ohio

Java (JA-va ~ coffee bean) – Female – seal lynx point  – ADOPTED – Ohio


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