O-Litter Arrives 11-4-18

Updated 1/18/2019: All O-Litter kittens are adopted. 

Gorgeous Franka and Alexander also welcomed her very first litter on Sunday, November 4th. This was a very large litter for a first time mama. The babies came a few days earlier than expected and were //much smaller than usual. Franka and Zena are co-parenting their babies and everyone is thriving. These little ones are making up for lost time and have grown so much! These darling babies will be ready to go to their new homes beginning the last week in December.  If you are interested in reserving one of our babies, please contact us for more information.

These littles are affectionately named after some of our favorite characters on The Office. (Scroll down past the names and descriptions for the most recent photos of the kittens.)

Phyllis – Female – Black Torbie – ADOPTEDAvon Lake, OH

“I’m glad Michael’s getting help. He has a lot of issues, and he’s stupid.” ~Phyllis

Jim – Male – Red Lynx Point – ADOPTED – Minster, OH

“My roommate wants to meet everybody. Because I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m making Dwight up. He is very real.” ~Jim

Angela – Female – Dilute Black Torbie – ADOPTED – Canton, MI

“I am proud to announce that there is a new addition to the Martin family. She’s hypoallergenic. She doesn’t struggle when you try to dress her. She’s a third-generation show cat. Her father was in ‘Meet the Parents.’ Needless to say, she was very, very expensive.” ~ Angela

Kevin – Male – Red Lynx Point – ADOPTED – Sandusky, OH

“Oh no it’s bad. It’s real bad. It’s like eating a hot circle of garbage.” ~ Kevin

Michael – Male – Red Classic Tabby – ADOPTED– Copley, OH

“I saved a life. My own. Am I a hero?… I really can’t say, but yes!” ~ Michael Scott

Meredith – Female – Torbie Point – ADOPTED– Mentor, OH

“Don’t fall in love with me, kid.” ~ Meredith

Dwight – Male – Red Mackerel Tabby – ADOPTED – Hinckley, OH

“Once I’m officially Regional Manager, my first order of business will be to demote Jim Halpert. So I will need a new number two. My ideal choice? Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable. Fictional. And overqualified.” ~ Dwight

Pam – Female – Torbie Point – ADOPTED – North Pole

“I don’t think it’s many little girl’s dreams to become a receptionist.” ~Pam


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