H-Litter Arrives 7-14-22

Updated 10/7/22: H-Litter kittens are adopted.

Chernushka and Ruslan welcomed their first litter together in the wee hours of Thursday, July 14th.  There are four babies in this litter – all boys!  We have decided to name them after some of our favorite Harry Potter characters, and had to include the Weasley boys’ names for all of the red-head boys of course. The red point babies will have blue eyes and the traditional tabby babies will have gold eyes like their daddy. Chernushka is a wonderful mother and is sharing parenting duties with some of the other mothers.  All of the babies are growing and sleeping right on target for their age. These babies will be ready to go in mid-September.  If you are interested in reserving one of our babies or joining the waiting list for the next available, litter, please contact us for more information.

Harry – Male – Black Mackerel Tabby – ADOPTED – Cincinnati, OH

George – Male – Red Lynx Point – ADOPTED – Columbus, OH

Fred – Male – Red Lynx Point – ADOPTED – Columbus, OH

Ron – Male – Red Mackerel Tabby – ADOPTED – Cincinnati


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