L-Litter Arrives 9/21/22

Updated 11/25/22 – L-Litter kittens are reserved.

Nefret and Nazar welcomed their first litter together late in the evening on Wednesday, September 21st. Nefret has a pile of perfect little ones in this litter – five boy and three girls. They are growing and thriving under her loving care for them. She loves being a mama and adores her babies. Because there are so many in this litter, she is sharing parenting duties with Yams.

These babies will be ready to go to their new homes between 8-12 weeks old, which will be mid to late-November. If you are interested in reserving one of our babies, please contact us for more information.

Introducing the L-Litter Babies named for some of our favorite Lord of the Rings characters:

Faramir – Red collar – Male – Seal Lynx Point/White – ADOPTED – Montebello, NY

Rosie – Pink collar – Female – Black/Brown Tabby/White – ADOPTED – Kriska Siberians

Éomer – Orange collar – Male – Seal Lynx Point/White – ADOPTED – Cleveland, OH

Galadriel – Yellow collar – Female – Seal Lynx Point/White – ADOPTED – Upper Arlington, OH

Elrond – Green collar – Male – Black/Brown Tabby/White – ADOPTED – Groveport, OH

Merry – Light Blue collar – Male – Seal Lynx Point/White – ADOPTED – Clinton, OH

Pippin – Dark Blue collar – Male – Black/Brown Tabby/White – RESERVED – Cincinnati, OH

Elanor – Purple collar – Female – Seal Lynx Point/White – RESERVED – Dublin, OH


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