P-Litter Arrives 6-19-16

Updated 12/24/16 – All P-Litter kittens have been adopted.

Milolika and Zalcman welcomed their last litter together on Father’s Day, June 19th. Milolika has been a wonderful mama, but she is an amazing pet as well. When she is done rearing this last group of sweet babies, she will be staying with our family in her retirement. There are five gorgeous little ones in this group – two boys and three girls. Two of the babies will be staying with us and the other three are available for reservation. If you are interested in one of these adorable little fuzzballs, please contact us  for more information.

Petra (PEH-traa ~ small rock) – Female – blue tortoiseshell /white – RESERVED – Kriska Siberians

Pashenka (Pa-SHEN-ka ~ humble) – Male – blue tuxedo – $1500 – ADOPTED – Massachusetts

Paska (PAH-skaa ~ Ukrainian Easter bread) – Female – black/white bicolor “cow” pattern – $1500 – ADOPTED – Ohio

Petya (PYE-tya ~ stone) – Male – orange tabby – RESERVED – Kriska Siberians

Pavlova (Pav-LOW-va~ meringue dessert) – Female – black/white bicolor “cow” pattern – ADOPTED – Ohio


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Photos updated 11/13/16

Photos updated 7/5/16


  1. Do you have updated photos of them?

  2. I haven’t taken any pictures in a while as its been a crazy busy summer! Hoping to get them updated this week. 🙂

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