Q-Litter Arrives 10-7-16

Updated 11/18/16 – All Q-litter kittens are adopted. 

Kartoshka and Zalcman welcomed an adorable little litter of babies together on Friday, October 7. There are 4 girls and 1 boy. These babies will be ready to go to their new homes just before Christmas.  If you are interested in reserving one of our babies, please contact us for more information.


Quiana (a singer ~ kee-AHN-uh) – Female – seal torbie point – $1500 – ADOPTED – Michigan

Querida (beloved ~ keh-REE-dah) – Female – seal lynx point – $1500 – ADOPTED – Ohio

Quinn (son of wisdom ~ kwin) – Male – red lynx point – $1500 – ADOPTED – Ohio 

Quilla (goddess of the moon ~ KIL-yah) – Female – seal point/white – $1500 – ADOPTED – Ohio

Quita (little girl ~ ki-ee-tah) – Female – seal tortie point – $1500 – ADOPTED – Virginia


(hint: you can enlarge any photo in the gallery by clicking on it. Then use your arrow keys to the right or left to advance through the remaining photos if desired. Press the escape key to close the expanded photo and return to the original post)

Photos updated 11/18/16

Photos updated 11/11/16

Photos updated 11/3/2016


  1. Lisa Messner says:

    Hello! So excited to see these pictures. I would love to be second on the list for Quilla but also love Querida. Can you tell me anything about their personalities? We have a full size golden doodle that is very sweet and chill. He loves cats. I also want my son to see these pictures and he is in bed but we know we are interested in a female.

    Thank You, Lisa Messner >

  2. I sent you an email 🙂

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